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Exercise for Menopause


Small group sessions based on the world renowned APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) method enabling each exercise to be adapted according to individual ability. Pilates For Menopause is designed to provide support during and beyond the Menopausal years, with a focus on increasing strength, balance and bone health. Classes include breath work and relaxation, along with informal education on the relevance of including these elements in the class.

Strength Training

From our mid 30's onward we lose 3 - 8 % of our muscle mass per decade, this increases for 3 to 5 years around menopause. Strength training is one of the things we can do to improve our health and offset some of this muscle loss. Learn to train in conjunction with hormonal changes and make strength training a lifestyle habit. 

Pilates Classes

Fitness Equipment

Strength Training

Pilates for Menopause

Join us for local classes in the Perthshire area.

Strong Beyond Menopause
(Strength Training)


Join us for local classes in the Perthshire area.

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