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About Eiro

Since commencing my career in fitness nearly 30 years ago, it has become very apparent that there is very little sound evidence-based exercise information specific for women in general. For those facing the changes associated with perimenopause and beyond there is even less specific guidance based on those changing hormones and energy levels. 


Menopause is a natural phase in a woman's life, which should be embraced for the new season and opportunities it presents. Unfortunately, it is shrouded in myths, secrecy, shame and embarrassment, with many suffering through it feeling isolated and unable to cope. Lifestyle changes can help minimize symptoms and make this season more enjoyable and empowering.

Using your specific symptoms as a guide to lead you on which changes are most relevant for you, my aim at Eiro is to give you the tools you need to exercise specifically for where you are now. Along with education on other lifestyle interventions which may help reduce symptoms and enable you to feel more like you again, because you have the biggest part to play in how you are aging.

My journey

After initially qualifying in Exercise Science in the mid 1990’s I have worked in many areas of fitness including - Group Training Manager, Specialist Health Instructor, Personal Trainer, Exercise Referral Officer and Assistant Practitioner in the public sector - NHS & Leisure Centres, private sector and my own business.


Over the last 15 years my continuing education has included BACPR PHASE IV Cardiac, Exercise Referrals, Obesity and Diabetes, Menofit, APPI Pilates, including Pelvic Floor and Menopause, Menopause Specialist qualification among others.


A combination of both qualifications and practical experience have enabled me to remain current in my knowledge and practical application of making exercise and lifestyle adjustments for both myself and clients during perimenopause and beyond.


EIRO was created to empower women to enjoy this changing season and remove the expectation of symptoms, declining health and shame.

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